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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Stuff(ing) of Legends...

Trace, this ones for you!

This coming Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving.

A few years ago I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. The rock being my L-O-V-E for the traditional family dressing that has been passed down through the generations. The hard place being my pregnant belly. You see, the preggo are advised NOT to eat stuffing cooked IN a bird. Salmonella or some shite.  Anyhoo, the future Godparents of my fabulous daughter were hosting an expat-style Thanksgiving (ironic since most of the expats in attendance have no such thing in their home countries, but the idea is just so darn catchy!!!)
I was in charge of the bird. I knew that my Grandmother's dressing (a recipe I will NOT be giving out) needed to be prepped and cooked outside of the bird (insert dead relatives turning in their graves here). Then, inspired by a video I had seen for a "Man-Style BBQ Chicken" involving the insertion of a tallboy beer can into the cavity of a chicken thereby essentially steaming the bird from the inside whilst cooking, I had a revelation.

The Magnificent Martha Stewart Ladies and Gentleman!

I quartered a heap of apples and stuffed as many as I could into that big ol' organic turkey. The premise was the same (apples steaming the bird from inside) but here is where it differed; when basting draw juice from the apples inside the bird. The sugar from the apples effectively caramelizes the outside of the bird resulting the most beautiful golden brown turkey you have ever seen. And it is SOOOOOO moist. The gravy is both savoury and slightly sweet. Delightful!

Last year I insisted we abandon carving the turkey in the old fashion for a new style. I know, how Victorian of me, right?! About my discoveries: the internet is awfully humbling and I have realized roughly several gagillion-million people also stuff their birds with apples. Even more carve in the "new fashion" so here it is - I am sure your way is great, but this way is better: How to carve a Turkey

K, so since I have had a few glasses of wine I'll give you one last of my Thanksgiving secrets: a dram of Grand Marnier in homemade cranberry sauce is TO DIE FOR!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)


  1. Alicia, your thanksgiving turkey is about the best roasted anything I think I've ever had ! I will miss it this year. We will definitely be thinking of you and your family on this thanksgiving.


  2. WONDERFUL ideas Alicia! Thanks for sharing them. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you!! Your post made me hungry!!

    Not sure if this will make you laugh or cry, but since I cannot tell a lie: totally chose your comment as the winner of my U.S. citizen only giveaway. I'm not kidding. What are the odds? Well, 1 in 43, but who's counting?

    Anyhow, I'm doing the shipping myself for the next one and I've already decided that I'll ship to Canada :)

  4. Yes, I can vouch for the turkey being cooked with apples and being basted from the juices it provides! When I was honoured to be with you and your family last Christmas, I gave up our "family tradition" of cooking the bird with the stuffing inside, albeit I did have my reservations at the time. You know, if it isn't broken why fix it attitude? Well to my absolute and quite humbled surprise - the turkey is as you described! Succulent and so delicious. The most flavorful turkey I had ever eaten! We prepared the stuffing (in the traditional style) and cooked it in a covered dish along side of the steaming bird. Often we would add the juices to the dressing when we were basting the bird - to keep the dressing from drying out.
    Mike's added touch of carving the turkey as you described simply added to a most delicious meal. I think Grandma would be pleased!

  5. I feel like a celebrity for being mentioned on your blog, but that's nothing compared to having my paws on THE RECIPE!
    I'm also listening to Stuart on CBC, laughing and crying, just like you.
    Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

  6. Tracey and Karen, thanks for the many ways that you have added to our lives! I count myself a little more wise for having known you both...and thank you so very much for loving your Goddaughter the way you do! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Wendy and Jamie - and indeed to all my American friends!

    Jamie - I canot wait for your next Giveaway, I am sure it will be great (and that I will NOT win it cause now that I can that is how things are!!!! :)

  8. Jeanie - exceeding thanks for everything from growing me inside of you to passing along your wisdom and love of life! Oh and for the secret spaghetti sauce recipe ;)


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