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Friday, October 22, 2010

A Sister Wife

Deliverance shacks
Our new home is nestled in amongst some of the most breathtaking scenery I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. That being said, there are still times when I pass through certain un-incorporated towns here in the Interior where I can't help but hum that little ditty from Deliverance. It is hot, dry, the lawns are spotted with vehicles and in my mind I see hillbillies rocking the day away on the front porch cleaning their Smith&Wesson whilst picking a banjo. I joke that we moved our little family so we might be closer to the cousins...for marrying purposes.

Ainsworth Hotsprings
We had visitors from the Big City the other day. We took them to Ainsworth Hot Springs. Chrissy is a legendary domestic engineer, mother of three and wife to one. She and I often share our husbands when one of them is working and we have plans to play. Well, not "share", but use interchangeably as an additional child chaperon. The Hot Springs was one such occasion. Chrissy's hubby stayed behind in Vancouver to work and Mike had the day off. Yay extra hands!

The Big Love Family
Very much occupied with five floating poppets in the pool our little gaggle did not really notice the stares that we were garnering. Then when we did start to reagard many of the patrons eyeballing our ragtag bunch we assumed it was due to too much splashing. We continued to pass our kids back and forth, parent to parent, taking turns bringing groups of mismatched siblings into the cave and basin with no regard for whose child belonged to whom. Then something occurred to me: Big Love - after all Bountiful is just around the corner. I wondered to myself if we were being gawked at because everyone assumed that we were polygamists.

My Beautiful Sister-Wife
K, so Chrissy and I are always being mistaken for sisters and now I was pretty sure we were being mistaken for sister-wives. Fast forward to the restaurant. More open gawking. I made a multiple-wife crack to Mike. A gentleman actually turned around and said, "I thought you were polygamists from Bountiful". I almost died, and so did my sister-wife. Mike just looked like he thought he was especially awesome. Good times.

With Mike away, the dishes piling up and my patience wearing down I sure could go for a sister-wife right now. I would totally get away with it here. I just want to specify that she be the female equivalent of a eunic and live in the carriage house out back.


  1. Okay - that's too funny! Welcome to the interior!

  2. That reminds me of when Matt took Erica shopping for my Christmas present one year while she was big and pregnant with Keisha!!! They had a great time!! It also happened lots to us when Erica, Matt and I would take Keisha somewhere when she was little. Just imagine that.... she's got "cinnamon" skin as she calls it!

  3. Lalania - Welcome to the Interior indeed!

    Sara - I can just imagine :) They probably played it up too!

  4. Thanks Aly - I love knowing that I can still make you laugh despite my plans for inbreeding! You know people would have assumed the same if you and your blondies were here with us :)

  5. Bahahha! Love, love, love this post. Also, I love reading the tags you give your posts now ;)

  6. Jamie - we could use an extra hand around here, and you sure are real smart and purdy ;) LMAO!


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