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Thursday, October 28, 2010


I have no idea when I started to like quiche. I never did as a child, there was always something about the dish that never seemed to sit right. Isla, on the other hand, will eat three man-sized pieces! It wasn't until I headed to a pot luck and wanted to A: try my hand at pie crust from scratch and B: make a large vegetarian dish for a friend who would be in attendance. It was a huge hit, inexpensive, and my previous aversion to quiche had apparently gone the way of the dodo. My personal verdict; delicious!

Now that we have had our first snow fall of the year here in Rossland I am starting to break out the good ole comfort foods once more- cause they are splendid I can use the oven to heat the house!

I follow the recipe for fresh pie crust on the box of the Crisco all-vegetable shortening. Sometimes I will use butter, even though the pros recommend against it, since the shortening is hydrogenated. The crust will be more brown and flavourful with butter, and I still cannot decide which way I prefer. Oh I do substitute some of the regular unbleached flour with whole wheat or better yet, Spelt. Some, not all, no more than a quarter.

The first misconception I had about quiche was that baking one would require heaps of eggs. The one I make only requires three. I pre-make several balls of dough and freeze or refrigerate them (depending on the weeks meal plan) then as I am combining the quiche innards I  preheat the oven to 400 F and bake the empty crust. It takes about 7-10 minutes to mix the following ingredients:
In a mixing bowl beat 3 eggs with a fork. Stir in:
-half cup crumbled feta
-1-2 diced or chopped onion (depending on your texture preference)
-cup of full fat, plain yoghurt
-pack of defrosted and drained chopped spinach
-dash of nutmeg
-Salt and pepper to taste since some Feta is quite salty already
-Pour into crust.
-Top with fresh grated Asiago.
Turn the oven down and bake for 45 minutes at 375 F

Boom: quiche in under an hour!


  1. Sounds more like a spinach pie to me ...

    I have a similar recipe with the exception that the crust is filo

  2. Quiche:n.
    A rich unsweetened custard pie, often containing ingredients such as vegetables, cheese, or seafood.
    [French, from German dialectal K├╝che, diminutive of German Kuchen, cake. See kuchen.]

    Lalania, I think your spinach pie is in fact a quiche in disguise! Filo sounds sooooo yummy! The little appy quiches from Costco come in Filo and they are incredibly delectable :) Isla would eat a whole tray!

  3. Snow! I wonder how much longer until that happens here ?!? That quiche is a thing of beauty!

  4. That makes me salivate!!! I love quiche. And it's definitely a comfort food for the winter. I love a butter crust. It's what my mom always used to make :)

  5. Do you plan all your meals ahead on a weekly basis? I love quiche and my minions do too-I've only made it once and it burned and burned bad. Perhaps I will try again.
    Buon appetito!!

  6. Marzena - I try really hard to make my meal plans every Monday, then shop accordingly. I also try to always have a crust frozen so that I can make a pot pie or quiche on short notice, a pain sometimes but a time-saver always.


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