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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dummy Fairy

Have you heard of the Dummy Fairy? The Dummy Fairy has been to our house once before, she will soon be visiting us once again. I am gonna go ahead and humble myself right now and confess it is not my fabulous idea but that of the Super Nanny. There I said it - but it is one hell of a notion and I have adopted it fully into my parenting arsenal.

When Jack was almost three our house had a visit from the Dummy Fairy. The Fairy came in the middle of the night (just like her cousin the Tooth Fairy will) and took away his dummy to give to a baby who needed it. In place of his beloved she left a rechargeable night light and a puzzle. That was me - I thought something for the night and something for the day would help a little man out.

Isla will be three this fall. The time is fast approaching for our next visit from the Dummy Fairy. Isla is in her "big girl" bed, she is potty trained (day and night), has slept through the night for forever, and she is already sort of weaned from her dummy. I guess it just comes down to her parents.

For all of the reasons listed above, I am the one having a hard time with the Fairy arriving presently. She is growing so fast, in so many ways but, when she is using her dummy she still makes baby noises.  Those noises stopped as soon as the Fairy came to Jack. Sigh. Her prezzies are even waiting in the closet. I am going to have to suck it up, I know, I know. I think I'll go for a snuggle.


  1. Awwww I totally get this and Emily has never used a dummy so I won't even have that one thing left to cling to.. That was one of the biggest things holding me back from night weaning and getting her to sleep in her bed. She's just getting big SO fast I can hardly keep up! Good luck with the fairy and enjoy those snuggles!

  2. you are so cute Alicia! And so is your daughter Isla! :)

  3. Chrystal, Emee IS getting big so fast, she has grown heaps since we moved to town!

  4. Thanks Wendy, I imagine F is running the house by now :)

  5. I totally understand your hesitation of removing the "dummy", albeit I totally understand your wanting to help the process of independence along. . . hmmmm. . .well, they still have their "fluffy" or "nank blanket" to remind you of how precious these days truly are! Think of it as only having to look for one less item before bed! More time for story and snuggles. Good luck, you have done such a great job with your two wonderful little people (am I showing my bias again?) Well, there you are. You have been such a great Mom it will continue long after the "dummy" has been pulled!

  6. Marzena ( 6, 2010 at 12:04 AM

    As I write this, Samantha is sitting beside me and slurping away on her dummy as she's trying to wake up. I can't break this thing away from her! Jakob on the other hand refuses to take one and I wish he did-it would make my life easier. :) Have fun with the 'exchange'. :)

  7. more fairies to come though- each phase has its charm I guess.
    This is adapted liberally from Carmen Adams of FreshPhoto fame. Soon your home will be over abundant with crafts- paper love created by undersized hands, each to be cherished and adored until the stacks block access to egress and cause your home to be a red blinking dot on the "Clean Sweep" wishlist computer.
    Enter... the craft fairy. She carries away piles of crafts to help wallpaper her beautiful fairy castle and leaves ...fresh craft supplies. I only wish someone would write a book about her to lend it some legitimacy! Heads up publishing houses- We don't need another tooth fairy book - teeth are small and are limited in production.


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