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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Little Piggie...

Canadian Halloween, it is the same day as American Halloween but ones costume needs to be designed in such a way that it can be worn over a snowsuit. It is either that or you are forced to wear your snowsuit over top and then what was the point of even wearing a costume? Ughhhh...I hated that as a child...that daylight Trick or Treating scene from E.T. where the kids are running door to door in their tutus and tights always made me wicked jealous.  That being said I still had my love on for Halloween till I was in my twenties, have I mentioned that I look like I am 12?!

For Jack's very first Halloween I wanted to be crafty and make his costume from scratch. I loved my costumes growing up and they were never store bought. My mom made them when I was little and later we would drag out our parents old clothes or hit Value Village and assemble wonderful outfits. One year I commissioned a poodle skirt, meaning I begged and my mother made it happen. I wore that poodle skirt for three years. It was wonderful. I cannot believe I have no idea where it is now.

Little Piggy Jack @5 months
As the 31st of October loomed large in front of me I realized I was waaaaaay too disorganized and unmotivated to buy the scratch materials, so I improvised - still well inbounds of my "must-make" parameters.

I bought the biggest stuffed animal I could find, gutted it, and cut its face off. I then hemmed the raw edges, sewed ties onto the back and glued the nose onto a piece of cardboard with a Dummy poking through. Genius!
I loved it so much that both of my not-so-chubby little piggies wore it! Some other families have even borrowed the piggy and provided their own stuffing! It was the best "Home-Made" costume EVER!
Little Piggy Isla @11months


  1. I love it! So cute! BTW- I went as a 50's lady with a poodle skirt more times than I can count. Last one being in my early twenties. It was my favorite costume.

  2. Ahhhh Bean.. I remember that like it was yesterday... So cute. Can you believe my fat baby wore it as a new born and then the bean wore it the next year.. ahhh too funny

  3. I really love this piggy costume. It's so cute and looks so warm!

    If you want any other costume ideas or craft ideas in general, please check out my site:

  4. Thanks Amy - yes poodle skirts/50's/Grease garb is the best :)

    Aly - I actually wanted to post a pic of him in it but I don't have one, do you? She is a tiny Bean isn't she!

    Blair - I'll check it out thanks. This year they are headed out as Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf :)

  5. Seriously, you are super creative and talented. The dummy part is really smart and could be applied to lots of different kids' costumes. You are my domestic idol. Sigh.

  6. That is awesome!!!! You are so creative!!!! I second the above. you are a true domestic goddess. ♥ xx

  7. Jessa and Jamie - *blush* thank you so very much! The Diva Days are how I make up for my monster mommy moments ;)

  8. That is an amazing costume!! How creative! And I loved reading this, because it brings me back to my childhood. I grew up in Canada, and remember ALWAYS needing to fit a snow suit under my costume. It was always a challenge!! LOL

  9. Sarah - I am so happy to see you here, I didn't know you were an expat! Yes Canada makes for interesting Halloweening, in Van we didn't need a snow suit for the kids, but the rain was so not fun.

  10. Yes the "Little Piggy Costume was the best thing I'd ever heard of. Brilliant!

    Oh and yes, you so looked the part in the "poodle skirt" - Olivia Newton-John!

  11. These pictures are so sweet! You did such a great job! By the way I also had a poodle skirt and loved it! :)


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