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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To Whom It May Concern...

This blog began as an experiment.  I have never been a journal keeper, though I have always had much admiration for those who keep regular thorough account of their lives. My husband maintains the most wonderful travel journals. The last trip Mike and I took together I did make a point of sending the kids a postcard everyday. Almost all of the cards arrived after we returned but it really felt like some sort of accomplishment for me, they catalogued where and when we were and the minutia I surely would have forgotten otherwise. Apparently, for me, being culpable keeps me focused.

Despite my inability to reliably keep a journal, I have always loved to write. My family has imbued me with a legacy of actors, teachers and story tellers. In my youth I wrote prolifically, I have no idea how good it was or not because when I wrote I never kept it. Young and passionate, I wrote very personally, and the thought of someone else reading my stories, plays and poems sent me running script in hand to the bin.

ag.gray.gate is actually my second blog. A few years ago I posted my first and last entry on a blog entitled "The Everygirl". It went a little something like, "Well we'll see how this goes". It didn't. My former Twitter account also mirrored this lack of zest and is now defunct. These two failures hung heavy over me whenever I thought about starting a new blog. A few of my friends had started writing blogs of their own and I wondered if, maybe this time, I could do it too.

A little unexpected and unsolicited encouragement from a family friend set me in the direction. I put the idea of ag.gray.gate (and myself) out there, guns blazing and both feet in, actively telling people that I was writing and risking rejection every time I asked a friend to follow. Amongst fantastic family and friends who follow this blog, I am also blessed with patronage from those whom I have never met. They follow because they support others in this blogging community or better yet simply because ag.gray.gate is an enjoyable read!! Somehow, it never ceases to amaze me that I meet with resistance about reading or following after having known someone for years. It is as though for some it is giving away too much to participate in another's journey toward success. Life lessons I remind myself.

The process of keeping this blog has been full of lessons for me. First: I have really come to love it and 3 months in am taking it quite seriously. Blogging has been a wonderful outlet. When I sit down to write I am disembarking from the mundane while at the same time drawing upon it and focusing in on it in order to find the humour and my gratefulness. I look forward to writing. I keep an idea log in my new moleskin journal just like Hemingway would. I ordered business cards for pete sake! Second: I have slim to no tech prowess so this has been a steep learning curve (despite how relatively easy it has become over the past few years with designers creating forms, tutorials, and free stuff) what with buttons and banners and headers and layering. Third: Albeit not entirely unexpectedly (apparently being a blogger makes me an inherent comment whore) I love hearing what you have to say!

So thank you for all of your love, thank you for your auspcie, and thank you for taking time from your day to escape with me! Until tomorrow...


  1. Congrats on hitting the three-month mark. I absolutely love the new look!

  2. I to had started a few blogs one for each of the kids after they were born. I was really good with Maarens until Leif turned 2 weeks old and the both of them kind of stopped.
    I love love love your blog, you are an incredible writer and although I sometimes have to look up fancy words (which is good for me to learn) I look forward to seeing what your up to everytime you post. (And I am a comment whore..sorry) :)

    I think your in deep now, if you quite there are a whole lot of us that follow you that would be very sad!

  3. This was really beautiful Alicia! Congrats on 3 months, that is wonderful!!!

  4. I am so happy you blog! You have taught me a great deal, and inspired me on numerous occasions.

    You are an amazing writer, and I love learning about your world. I feel I've made a really close friend through our blogs and I'm extremely grateful for the kinship.

    Love, Jessa xx

  5. I so look forward to reading your entries! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, reflections, adventures & pics. As a writer you have a great knack of engaging your readers by bringing a smile, a laugh, a tear, or provoking further thoughts. Congrats!

  6. Fun prose to browse. And such a nice life adventure to share.

  7. My heart warms and bubbles with husbandie pride... You so good at stuff baby ;)

  8. @Brandie: Thanks so much! Especially for all of your help guiding me through Twitter!
    @Aly: I love knowing I am not the only blog starter/quittter! Although now I am getting the hang of it I promise I won't leave! You neither I hope, I love reading your posts!
    @Jessa: You are inspiring and I treasure our kinship as well! You have taught me about blogging, through your beautiful amazing posts, in ways you don't even know.
    @Mom: I adore you. Coming to my blog, loving and supporting me is the best, and I am proud of you for learning how to navigate around in here!
    @Shadow: I really appreciate you stopping by AND leaving a comment. Thank you so much for your kind words.
    @Mike: I relish this little life we are building together. Thank you for choosing me.

  9. To write in your own that takes skill!



Have I mentioned I ADORE your comments? Well I do - THANK YOU!!!

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