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Formed by a collection of particulars into a whole mass or sum; collective. To bring together. Syn: To heap up; accumulate; pile; collect.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Who Me?

I know that there are a million of these that float around in the Blogging sphere, but I must admit it feels pretty darn special when someone passed one along to me. Because, despite there being a gazillion Blog Awards out there, there are even more blogs that they could be given to. So thank you to Jamie at Avant Garde Parenting for gifting me, whom you have never met, based solely on the content here at ag.gray.gate. I am glad I was able to make you smile!

Here are the 5 blogs that I choose to pass this award forward to:

Jessa@ La Belle Vie : This talented designer, surrounding herself with pretty things on her journey into motherhood, bares soul as she her invites you into her home, her hopes and her dreams.

Leah@ Keepin' it Leal : Also an immensely talented designer is dangerously hysterical puts the best face possible on the "women are funny too" campaign that we are unfortunately fighting (I know that you could never post this award on your blog, but I am giving it to you anyway. You more than deserve it!)

Marzena@ Babies and Bruschetta : This brave Momma, for having the courage to move your family half way around the world and share it all with us!

Wendy@ Give Love Create Happiness : Because you inspired me to write this blog in the first place.

The Ladies of 'R' Town@ 'R' Town Stories & Blogs : A communal blog by the wonderful moms living in community. Thanks for your candour. Keep writing ladies!

Please take a minute to stop by one or all of these fabulous blogs - you will not be disappointed! 

Now, last but not least, I the final part of winning this award is to answer the question: 
If you could go back and change one thing what would it be?

There have been times when I would have been hard pressed to choose just one thing. But I have come to realize the answer is nothing. I would not change a thing. I am my choices. I am my experiences. So yes there is embarrassment, guilt, loss, anger, and (gulp) unforgiveness, but I am still learning. I am the best me I can be. I am the sum of my parts, even the ugly ones - and I am not finished. 

Thank you so very much for being here, I appreciate it more than words can say. Have a wonderful weekend. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this with me! I'm so flattered!!

    I also love your answer on what would you change. You deserve this award, and you are a truly remarkable person. J xx

  2. I am touched Alicia! You are the sweetest and I'm lucky to know you. Thank you :) Your answer was beautiful! Happy Friday lovely.

  3. Fabulous Alicia! LIkewise I enjoy your blog heaps and your award is so well suited and deserved. Great answer. If there is anything I need to change, it's my little man's diaper-gotta run! :)

  4. oops, where is my head. Thank you so much for sharing my blog-that was very sweet of you. :)


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