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Monday, September 27, 2010

Homage Monday - Trish Dyer

Trish Dyer - Mountain Nugget Chocolate Company
London Fog
Trish Dyer is a Chocolatier. The sheer declaration that you are a chocolatier is weighty one.  Upon hearing this fantastical word my heart quickens and the corners of my mouth turn upward. I must admit I feel a bit like I am in a fairy tale to say I know a real Chocolatier! It is no small feat to harness the magic and potential that chocolate carries within itself - for many cannot. As an artist Trish boasts the uncanny ability to take a good thing and make it better. To take a dark shapeless mass and transform it into an exquisite, whimsical delicacy.  

Starry Night
Here in the picturesque Monashee Mountains Trish is inspired to create. She is rooted here and draws from the land where she herself has grown. Among the local organic ingredients she uses are Rossland garlic, Oso Negro Coffee roasted in Nelson,  and honey from the Creston valley. Trish is a local artist who actively supports other local industry. She is an avid gardener who is passionate about real-food and a believer in the roles of the baker,  the butcher,  and the candlestick maker. Her creations are really an extension of her person; lively, exciting, complex, mischievous and fun.
Most recently Les Dames d'Escoffier awarded their prestigious scholarship to Trish in recognition of her work and a fellow blogger and foodie The Well-Tempered Chocolatier sought out the Nugget on a trip to Rossland. 
If you happen through our happy little town the shop is a MUST! And if you are unable to make it to Rossland then you are in luck because Trish is making the rounds, peddling her rich morsels at fairs and festivals around BC. 
Be sure to Follow the Mountain Nugget on Facebook so you don't miss a thing!

Mountain Nugget Chocolate Company
2076 Columbia Avenue
Rossland, BC



  1. Alicia I am so excited for you that you know a chocolatier! Trish your creations look wonderful!

  2. I look forward to meeting Trish and tasting her chocolates. Wonderful to learn that Mountain Nugget Chocolate Company uses "home grown" products in the mix. Does she ship?

  3. K, so the lady that wrote the review I linked to was and is completely off her rocker - the fleur de sel caramels are NOT too salty! They are perfect beyond compare and I dream about them every night, my husband is getting jealous :)

    Yes Trish does ship, lucky you, and you can view and order from the Mountain Nugget catalogue here:


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