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Friday, July 9, 2010

Things We Lost In The Move...

The unpacking has been slowly happening bit by bit. Michael has hung his guitars in just the right spot. We have fashioned an open concept style closet of sorts in the boudoir and the mess is receding. Huzzah!

Lost and Found:

one pink croc (found in Daddy's shoe box)
DVD/BluRay shelves (found in DVD box)
All 35 "Cars" cars (found stuffed into Isla's Kitchenette)
Piece for hanging Blackout blind (found on  Jack's shelf)
Camera Case with 4 2Gb Memory cards full of Family videos dating back to October 2009

The most important things that we lost in the move were by far and away the Memory cards. Looking back it was unwise to have kept 4 full cards in same the portable case. We now have no video of the kids for almost a whole year. I have cried and prayed and cried some more. It does not get any less painful and I can imagine it feels something akin to loosing priceless family photos in a fire. Michael is still optimistic that the case will reappear, that maybe I didn't loose it at the park but that the knee-highs possibly helped by "packing" it. We have left our name and number in various locations around North Vancouver as well as with the places we donated heaping boxes of household items in Burnaby.

I would have happily bought someone a stack of memory cards (or just given them the money) in exchange for seeing Isla on her 2nd birthday, my kids opening their presents from Santa, visiting their grandparents and Jack skiing down the slopes for the very first time on his own. The thought of someone deleting these invaluable images makes me physically ill. I am crying as I write this and I can't write anymore today.


  1. I am so sorry! That's just awful. Is there any where I can look in Vancouver? Anything I can do to help? My heart breaks for you... Lots of love and hugs xx

  2. I'm crying.. I will ask the new owners if they found anything.. I have faith they will show up.

  3. So sorry to hear that!! I'm keeping my positive energy that they will show up as well!

  4. Thanks for the love ladies...its gotta show up now!

  5. That's horrible and I'm so sorry to hear that. I sincerely hope you find those priceless items soon.


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