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Formed by a collection of particulars into a whole mass or sum; collective. To bring together. Syn: To heap up; accumulate; pile; collect.


Friday, July 16, 2010

The Garden...

I have a garden. Finally. There is, with exception to the 5 tomato plants and 6 tiny miserable lettuce heads that I purchased, nothing in my garden that I planted myself. Barb planted everything else. As the season progresses it is increasingly clear she was quite the gardener, with a vision and strategy that comes only with practice. This dreamy English style garden is filled with BC wildflowers and succulents planted like a canon, the roses and lavender blooming as the peonies, poppies and Lupines fade. Thank God they are perennial.

Complaining to my mother that all of my inherited plants (of which I haven't the foggiest what most even are making weeding interesting) were wilting away prematurely, Mom informed me that I do indeed need to WATER them. Oh, right. We are not in moisture laden Vancouver anymore, Toto. Thankfully Brian Minter was back on the CBC B.C. Almanac this morning. I listened like I have never listened before gleaning some additional pertinent watering info - plants like to be watered in the early morning and preferably with a soaker hose. Good to know - I'm sure there was more but I don't intend to put the cart before the horse!

not my garden
Jack and Isla love heading out to the garden to pick things for our meals. We pull green onions, cut fresh chives, dill, sage and oregano and they are waiting with bated breath for the tomatoes to be ready. I am just trying not to kill it all.
also not my garden

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  1. Somehow I know exactly what you mean even though I don't have a garden, lol! I believe in you!


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