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Monday, July 12, 2010

S*#T Faced Grin

Whoever said that girls were easier to potty train than boys simply didn't know what they were talking about. Just like anything regarding child rearing, everything depends on the individual child. Jack, for example, began potty training when he was 24 months. By the time he was 25 months he was finished (day and night). Isla was quite interested in the potty when she was 15 months - I thought SCORE!!! Nothing really came of that though and we really started training at 23 months. It took her until quite recently to stay dry through the night too. 

Tandem Potty Time! (Isla 15 months, Jack 2.5 years)
Two and a half years old is a perfectly reasonable age to be trained by, but I must confess because I listened to the sweeping generalizations about girls vs. the potty I thought she would have been finished earlier. And that was not fair to her. Conversely the same "they" who said a 15 month old Isla should be speaking in 2-3 word sentences would have been fairly shocked when she pulled her dummy from her mouth and confidently announced, "Jack, when we get out of this car, I'm gonna smash you right in the face.”. Not that we condone that sort of thing, I'm just saying is all. Kids all have their own rhythm. 
Isla (15 months) Multitasks at Potty Time

The tiny Bjorn Potty that Isla uses now I had purchased before Jack was even born. He never used it, preferring instead to climb onto the big toilet. Isla is the opposite. The two of them still enjoy pooping tandem though! Until today that is because the tiny potty has henceforth been banished.

This morning I walked into the washroom to find Isla standing beside her full potty and Velma devouring its contents. I lost it. I told Isla that that was the last time she would enjoy her tiny potty since it was now being donated. I cleaned the poop out of Velma's beard effectively wiping the S@*T faced grin off her puppy face and locked her in her kennel. I am so over everyone else's poop!


  1. This blog post almost mad me sick to my stomach. Be strong sisah, it's almost over! Most def made your day very very interesting.
    love you. (ps. did you get my email the other day?)

  2. oh wow....that made me laugh and then vomit a little...


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