Aggregate \Ag"gre*gate\, a. [L. aggregatus, p. p.]

Formed by a collection of particulars into a whole mass or sum; collective. To bring together. Syn: To heap up; accumulate; pile; collect.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


In the eaves of our new home are nested a family of Swallows. At first I thought that they were cute, helpful even. This is apparently the year of the mosquito here in Rossland having been so perfectly cold and wet for so long this spring/summer. The Swallows come out in full force dawn and dusk to eat their fill  which suits me fine.

Well their eggs must have hatched because these cute little beasties have quickly become vermin. The Swallows dive bomb the kids all day as they play outside around the house and they are pooping on everything. Including the hot tub lid. Which makes me anxious about being pooped on while taking a soak and then trying to figure out which chemicals eradicate bird droppings. Eww.

I began to inquire about how one disposes of a nest. I even fancied the notion I could be the one who evicted the over-stayed house guests, for a brief moment. Then I remembered who I am and blowing a nest full of Swallow-lings off my house with a hose to appease my sense of propriety is not something I could stomach. I resigned myself to a summer of sweeping shit off my deck.

Today I returned to the house and to what appeared to be a tiny swallow massacre. I am not entirely sure what went down, whether the chicks got too heavy or if a gale wind blew but the deck was littered with clumps of mud that were formerly a nest and three tiny featherless bodies laying still. They are so terribly sad looking I can't even bring myself to move them. Poor baby birds. I am so sad but thankful the slaughter was not at my hand.


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