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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Teevee or Not Teevee ...Netflix and Cable

Ughhhhh... so Netflix turned out to be a bust. Boo. Terrible selection at a great price. In Canada at least. And then there was that threatened bandwidth cap. Good gravy. If the selection improves on Netflix though, I am not entirely opposed to give it another go.

When our little family moved to Rossland last summer we made the big decision to get rid of our cable . It was only at the time the choice seemed so monumental. In retrospect it hasn't really been missed, really everything that we would watch on cable is available online. Even CBC Kids.

We ended up getting cable back though, so that we might host our annual Oscar Party. This Deal-with-the-Devil includes a 3 month promotion and HD channels at a low, low price. Which ends up still being ridiculously expensive. Ridiculously expensive. I thought, "man, it will be H to the ARD prying the PVR from my daily life schedule once again.". However, I find myself checking the calendar regularly to see if our cable promotion is over yet so we can get rid of it. I am frugal not stupid.

Shocking, I know. I never thought I would prefer a life sans television, but I do. I am amazed at how quickly it has turned the poppets into tiny marketing machines. Isla, who has never been to, or even seen, a Red Lobster, now professes her undying love for the company. Egads. Jack begs for all manner of toys and is quickly developing an unhealthy perspective about germs.

Just the other day I caught myself singing the five dollar footlong jingle.  Isla shouts "skunk" whenever someone farts. Classy. Incorporating as always, and this might have been the straw that broke the cable's back, Isla called me a "five-dollar-skunk". A tidy, albeit unfortunate, amalgamation of pop culture.

The love affair is over.


  1. A timely post for us! We were just looking through Netflix the other day but weren't thrilled with what seemed to be a pretty limited selection. I already gave up cable before we even moved to Rossland but only having 2 channels here as opposed to the 4 we used to get with antenna WAS actually a shock. But now that the websites have improved it hasn't been so bad. It's just so much easier to watch them online at our convenience. And with the money we save on top of that, I can't even imagine a time when we'd bother with cable unless we won the lottery or something. Mostly we've just been wanting to finally watch season 5 of Dexter, but I just decided to hit some of my old streaming websites and found it there. SO problem solved!

  2. Yup, I've missed you! Missed laughing out loud - which by the way never seems to happen when watching TV programing. Maybe you should write for them.

  3. We haven't had cable for over three years. I have since been on a steady search for the best combination to create an all-in-one system. The past five years I have built and rebuilt the components of a HTPC (Home Theatre Personal Computer). Two years ago we purchased and have been very happy with using MacMini and a small home server that we can rip all our DVD's to. The MacMini has a program called Plex I found that catalogues all of our movies, tv series, music, personal photos, and streaming websites in one. I am very happy with it. We get to view everything we want to watch on tv in one spot. There are very minimal amounts of commercials when watching streaming web through it or no commercials if a tv show was downloaded. Sadly it takes a person with a bunch of patience to set it up and even then their are still a few technical glitches that appear from time to time. Those glitches are not a big deal though when you take into account that you are getting an all-in-one system.
    I will look at Netflix again in another year or two and hope that they catch up to the amount of shows that the US currently is able to watch via streaming through the service.

  4. Chrystal - we thought the free first month was the best part :)

    Jeanie - Good to be back :)

    Cameron - I assume that this is you volunteering to come over and set up a HTPC over here. Thanks, I think we'll love it :)


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