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Thursday, May 27, 2010

TeeVee or not TeeVee

So every now and then our household contemplates getting rid of our cable. I am not a responsible television viewer. I find it is easy to get lost in my programs, consumed even. But I also watch passively while I cook, clean, write thank you notes and now while I blog...I like the drone in the background and have never been a big fan of silence.

The conversation has been resurrected for a few reasons: 
1.We are moving so we have to cancel our current subscription. 
2.It is the end of May, which means all of the gazillion shows that we follow are over for the season. 
3.We have a growing number of friends who do not have cable and lead lives of normalcy.
4. Most of the shows we watch are available online.

I have wanted to move our television out of the main living space for a while now and in the new house the TV will live in the den not the living room thus no longer being the focal point. Of our LIVES lol!

And I am trying to move towards the vision of what I want my life to look like and including or excluding things as they bring me closer or distance me from that vision. Ironically a life strategy from TLC's show Hoarders.

Every summer, sans TV, I rediscover my love for reading and meditating and last summer I discovered I love to run. But the fall line up is like CRACK every time!!!


  1. We go through some of the same painful questioning... in the end the TV usually wins (for us).

    And really it's because there are 6 shows that babysit my children:

    1. Mythbusters
    2. How It's Made
    3. Wost Case Scenario
    4. Dirty Jobs
    5. Man vs Wild
    6. Cash Cab

    I can't get ANY of these without paying for them :(

  2. @SilverMotion: I am also guilty of employing the TeeVee-Sitter as it affords me one more hour of sleep in the morning!

    If you are in Canada at a site like NBC and are receiving the message that content is unavailable go to: and follow the prompts to download the HotSpot Shield. It assigns your computer an American IP and the you can watch to your hearts content!!!

  3. Great post...and of course arguments for "cutting the cable". With the advent of HD and the fact that all stations need to have HD programming by 2011 many of my friends here in TO are cutting the "chord" and opting for an HD antenna to pick up the free local channels.

    I don't know whether it will pick up the much loved TLC's, HGTV's of the world but definitely something to consider especially during the lack-lustre summer line ups. :) the blog by the way. Andy

  4. I vote cut it!!! ; )
    We haven't had cable in years and it's so freeing. We don't even own a TV. It really is blissful. More books get read, and games get played. I find our home more relaxing with it gone...
    J xx

  5. We have had this discussion before as well...why is it such a tough one, maybe it is addictive???


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