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Monday, November 8, 2010

Somethings Gotta Give...

I have some fantastic news...wait for it...wait for it... I am officially enrolled in the Self-Employment Program here in Rossland (well, Greater Trail I guess)! Now I have kept fairly mum on this whole subject but with this latest development the cat is out of the bag. This is the news we have been waiting for!
Both my husband and myself have long dreamt of owning our own business, we just never knew what that was going to look like. Then just over six months ago, in the few days between putting an offer on a house here in town, but before listing/selling our Vancouver home, we decided to start a brewery in Rossland. Then we packed up our old life in Vancouver and began our new life here.

Here is how the idyllic dream looks: We (me funded through Community Futures and Michael as my unpaid man servant) establish Rossland's first brewery since prohibition put the Le Roi Brewery out of business at the turn of the century. Then we are on our own. We have a smallish store-front, on-site craft-brewing, retail and tasting room on Columbia (Main Street). Our little Company begins to support and sponsor all the fabulous events that the wonderful people of Rossland create, host and attend. Investors come out of the woodwork to throw money at such a fabulous idea enabling us to grow and prosper. We build an entirely green, zero waste, incredibly efficient brewery which truly reflects Rossland and our communal values. We even employ some local farmers to grow our hops which is mutually beneficial. The Brewery garnishes heaps of local support, and because it is easily one of the best beers anyone has tasted word spreads like wildfire and our Brewery becomes a tourist attraction as well. From there it is all up.

Currently I find myself writing, researching and developing a business plan under the tutelage of the Program. Michael is in Vancouver again this week, (hopefully he'll have and audition and book a another part before Christmas!) which means in addition to business planning I am the sole parent here for a week. YAY! Sarcasm, that was sarcasm. Which brings me to the point where I ask your understanding and allegiance. Please bear with me if I miss a day here and there over the next few months, keep coming back - I will not be going anywhere!

Thank you all so much for your love and support, for your readership and comments. Oh, and if you have a half million kicking around, I know just the place for you to invest it :)


  1. I am so happy for you!!!! You are awesome and this is wonderful news!!!!! I hope all your dreams come true. ♥ xxxxx

  2. Thanks Jessa - I finds myself overwhelmed, excited, and scared. Our new adventure is really beginning!

  3. Ummm this is so COOL!!! You are AWESOME!!!!! My husband and I love Canada and beer (well, he loves beer. I tolerate it.)! Point is- if I'm ever in your area, I am soooo coming to visit your awesome brewery!!! I love your entrepreneur self!

  4. YAHHHHH!!!!! Wish I was closer so I could help with the kids. Congrat's Alicia, this is awesome.

  5. Jamie - ooooh think Ski Vacation :) I really appreciate that you come, read, spread the love and make the comments!

    It is really cool, the brewery, Rossland has quite the beer legacy and I am excited to be a part of it!

  6. Aly - I just wish you were closer period! Thanks for the love and support sista :) xoxoxo

  7. Congratulations Alicia! It is so exciting to watch you make your dreams come true!! <3

  8. It really seems surreal sometimes Wendy...but Rossland just feels like home and we are excited to make our mark here :)

  9. I have not been on the net much in the last few weeks (sick kids=no time for anything else) and so I am just catching up with your blog. VERY COOL! Mi piace la birra! (This is what I say to let my fellow italians know I like beer). Excited to hear more. ;)

  10. Do you have a name for your coveted beverage??? My suggestion: Holy Grale. (Gray+ale=Grale).
    I still think this is exciting and such an unique experience!


Have I mentioned I ADORE your comments? Well I do - THANK YOU!!!

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