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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Here and There

One of my favourite things about Vancouver is being downtown. I love how the streets rise and fall toward the ocean on all sides, and I find the combination of old growth forest versus towering skyscrapers enchanting...and the shopping is to die for!

Before moving to Vancouver I lived in an expansive, albeit beautiful, Suburbia. I drove to the store, to school, to the movies,  church, the mall, and the grocery store. This sprawling city had a downtown core that all but shut down after 6pm. Going to an evening at the theatre was somewhat of an eerie experience. You got out of the car and tumbleweed blew by. In Vancouver I walked to the theatre because, in Vancouver, I walked everywhere.

Shortly after getting married we bought our very first apartment in downtown Vancouver. We had a car, but our parking stall was used more extensively than our vehicle! When the time came we actually walked across the street to the hospital where Jack was born. Then we walked home with him the very next day!

But what we loved in long walks on the seawall we lacked in space, so we drove to the suburbs and have been driving in, out and all around Vancouver ever since. I could not believe how many additional kilometers we put on the car. We really missed the ease of proximity.

Nestled at the foot of Red Mountain, Rossland has this quaint little downtown strip. Groceries, coffee shops, schools, the library and even a little toy store. All within walking distance of the house. We are excited to find our feet again. Instead of putting the poppets into the car they will go into the stroller so we can, well, stroll! 


  1. those pictures are beautiful! What a wonderful thing to be able to walk places!

  2. It looks lovely there!
    Living in Vancouver we've never owned a car. We love that we can walk everywhere! It is a nice feeling. xx


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