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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Beginning of the End

Last week some of our dearest friends invited us to a farewell lunch. As per usual the fare was incredible, but it was their wisdom that gave us something to chew on. It had really never occurred to me to drive by all the places we lived and favourite places we frequented one last time. It isn't that I'm not nostalgic, but perhaps I'm in a little bit of denial that this is really the beginning of the end of our time here in Vancouver.

Suddenly the idea of touring Vancouver seemed very important though so Michael and I drove by every flat we had lived in, reminiscing about old roommates, landlords and neighbours. In the coming days we hit Las Margaritas with friends for my birthday lunch. I was crushed when the unseasonable rain, and my lack of rain gear, prevented us from walking one last time on Kits Beach. On Wednesday I went downtown and had my hair did, picking up some Onigiri and Hi-Chew at a little Japanese shop on Robson, then grabbing a latte from Cafe Artigiano. Yesterday was my last Mommies Group Thursday. And today will be my final visit to the North Shore. I am still praying for sun to amble in along Ambleside with all my munchkins in tow. At least Park Royal Village has an Arti's!!!

Today is officially the one week mark and everything seems to finally be sinking in. Tomorrow is Jack's last golf lesson and our fabulous not-just-neighbours-our-children-grew-up-together are hosting a goodbye BBQ - our last here in Vancouver. Where I suspect a glass of wine and a plate of meat will most likely result in salty tears of realization!

This time next Friday we will be headed East, having spent the night in the home of some of the sweetest, most generous friends we could have been blessed with. This will actually be the kids first sleepover - and the first of many firsts and new adventures for this little family!


  1. It is such a beautiful home, for a beautiful family! By the way, I love the snow!

  2. Oh, I hear what you're saying. In order for there to be a new beginning, there has to be an end of something and that can be bittersweet. You've had such an enriching time in Vancouver and now you're moving on to build more memories and relationships in Rossdale. Blessings to all of you in your new adventures!


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