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Monday, May 31, 2010

I like you a Latte...

I never used to drink coffee, though I have always loved the smell and enjoyed the taste of coffee flavoured things; cakes, ice cream, chocolate bars etc. In my mind it was equal to vanilla extract, smelling delicious and tasting like death!

When I was pregnant the first time, even the previously pleasant smell of coffee became intolerable. One whiff sent me reeling (and retching) to the closest latrine. Well, lots of things did, but coffee was especially offensive. My husband would seclude himself in the laundry room across the hall from our apartment suite to brew his morning cup. This is, in fact, one of my fondest memories of our first years together - him shuffling off so that I could retain most of my breakfast and some sort of dignity!

After the birth of my son we visited some dear friends at what was to become one my favourite haunts, Cafe Artigiano. Nestled between shops and right across from the Vancouver Art Gallery, walking to the Cafe with the stroller was a downtown Vancouver highlight. I have no idea why I ordered a mocha that day, but I did. The blend of espresso, milk and chocolate tasted like heaven, the caffeine boost was something I had never before experienced - and I liked it!

I much prefer a 1% latte with a hint of sweetness these days. Some new favourite locales have been added to our repetoire as well. We LOVE JJ Bean here in Vancouver and anywhere that serves Cherry Hill Coffee. Two years ago Michael bought me an espresso machine as a gift. My morning latte, whether to-go or to stay, is a well savoured ritual. We both practise our latte art prowess and even fancy ourselves baristas! The perfect foam bunny is his Easter morning latte art "accident".

Now I'll even pack the machine itself for a trip to the ski hill, the lake...or just in case!

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  1. Good idea packing the machine!! So happy to see your very own creative space to share :) Congrats! Added you to my Google reader! Awesome blog name <3


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