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Formed by a collection of particulars into a whole mass or sum; collective. To bring together. Syn: To heap up; accumulate; pile; collect.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I packed our first box last night, well I put some baking pans into a box. It was this morning when I was taping it shut that I realized there will only be 3 more Wednesdays here in this home. In this city.

I moved to Vancouver to pursue my acting career 7 years ago. That was the only plan that I had...other than wanting to marry the very handsome and talented man who did indeed become my husband! Ffwd through countless auditions and serving positions and I have evolved into a stay at home mom who picks some sporadic acting on the side. I loved acting, but it is doing what I do day to day that has captured my heart and takes my breath away everyday.

Three months ago, as if we had both heard the same voice, DH and I suddenly began discussing moving out of Vancouver and closer to other passions that now seem to be more weighted; being closer to our families, being closer to a ski hill, our first house, a yard, and our own business. We started talking about what we wanted our life to look like, the quote unquote BIG PICTURE.

Trading our life on the left coast in a bustling metropolis for a town where we will become 4 of about 2,000 residents there are moments when I think, this should be more scary. Am I being naive? But I could not be more excited...and if I get lost in the move I'll take a deep breath refer back to this post!


  1. It seems as though 3 is not enough.. how has time gone so quickly? I look forward to the last 3 Thursday Mom's groups. Your move is so very exciting, following your heart and passions will only make your life richer. And besides, there is nothing writen anywhere that says you can't come back :)

  2. Looking forward to following the adventures of the Gray family!


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